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Country Profiles (1980-2012)
Country List

Where We Work

Fifty-three countries, as listed below, have participated in the International Legislative Audit Assistance Program (ILAAP) Fellowships and/or capacity building initiatives since 1980.

Click a country to view its profile page, which highlights:

  • Information about the Supreme Audit Institution
  • The country's Fellowship participants and their Strategy Papers
    (Strategy Papers prepared since 1999-2000 are available to download in PDF format)
  • Program activities the country has hosted or participated in
Argentina Argentina
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Barbados Barbados
Belize Belize
Benin Benin
Bhutan Bhutan
Brazil Brazil
Cameroon Cameroon
Chile Chile
China China
Colombia Colombia
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Dominica Dominica
Egypt Egypt
Ethiopia Ethiopia
Gambia Gambia
Ghana Ghana
Guyana Guyana
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Hungary
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Jamaica Jamaica
Jordan Jordan
Kenya Kenya
Malaysia Malaysia
Mali Mali
Mexico Mexico
Morocco Morocco
nepal Nepal
Nigeria Nigeria
Pakistan Pakistan
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
Peru Peru
Philippines Philippines
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent/Grenadine Saint Vincent/Grenadine
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Sénégal Sénégal
Singapore Singapore
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Swaziland Swaziland
Tanzania Tanzania
Thailand Thailand
Tonga Tonga
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
Tunisia Tunisia
Uganda Uganda
Vietnam Vietnam
Yemen Yemen
Zambia Zambia
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe