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Provincial Auditor Fred Wendel retires in Saskatchewan
Monday, 07 June 2010 20:00


Fred Wendel
Fred Wendel

Saskatchewan Provincial Auditor Fred Wendel has retired, and Assistant Provincial Auditor Brian Atkinson has been named Acting Provincial Auditor.

Brian Atkinson

Mr. Wendel, a chartered accountant and certified management accountant, worked for many years as an auditor in both the public and private sectors. He served as the Acting Provincial Auditor from 2000-2002, at which point he was appointed Provincial Auditor. His retirement took effect at the end of April 2010.

A new Provincial Auditor will be appointed by a resolution of Saskatchewan’s Legislative Assembly on the unanimous recommendation of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

CCAF Executive Director Michael Eastman, in a January 2009 appearance before Public Accounts Committee, extended “a very major thanks to Fred Wendel for his continuous contribution and assistance to the CCAF.”

CCAF wishes Mr. Wendel all the best as he takes his leave from a very successful career serving the people of Saskatchewan.