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How Statistics Canada Encourages Innovation
Thursday, 17 June 2010 20:00


Statistics Canada Case Study Shows Innovation in Action

CCAF is pleased to release a case study that shows how managers can encourage innovation in a public sector environment.

Statistics Canada Case StudyThe study, which focuses on Statistics Canada's management of the 2006 Census, illustrates practical ways to implement CCAF's recent guidance on Innovation, Risk and Control. The case study and CCAF's guidance are available here.

Continuous Innovation

Statistics Canada's senior managers believe that the constantly changing environment in which they work threatens the quality of the agency's data unless the organization responds with ongoing innovation. The management structure is therefore designed to enable managers to innovate.

Of particular note, the case study addresses how the agency applied the 10 incentives for innovation identified in CCAF's recent guidance.

Featured at a high level symposium

The substance of this case study was presented and discussed at a recent CCAF symposium co-chaired by Treasury Board of Canada Secretary Michelle d'Auray and by the President of the Canadian Food Protection Agency, Carole Swan.

Anil Arora, former Assistant Chief Statistician at Statistics Canada, presented the case before an invited audience of senior public sector officials on May 28. Arora, who led the 2006 Census project, is now Assistant Deputy Minister, Minerals and Metals, at Natural Resources Canada.