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Research Director nominated for Kroeger Award
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 20:00


Lee McCormack, CCAF’s Director of Research, has been nominated for an Arthur Kroeger College Award for Public Affairs in the category of Policy Leadership.Lee McCormack

Lee was appointed Director of Research in December 2007. He was invited to join CCAF following a highly successful career in the Government of Canada, where he had 32 years of experience in program and policy development in departments and central agencies.

At CCAF, Lee is managing a multi-year research and capacity development project aimed at identifying ways to encourage innovation in public sector organizations. CCAF has recently published the key report from this project, Innovation, Risk & Control: A public sector guide to encouraging innovation, understanding control, managing risk, reducing red tape... and delivering better results for citizens.

Lee also oversees CCAF research into ways to improve Public Performance Reporting by governments. This work has identified a major new development in performance reporting – the emergence of digital reporting. CCAF believes the use of digital technologies to present performance information has the potential to fundamentally alter the relationship between governments and citizens. The Foundation, under Lee’s leadership, has embarked on an initiative to develop a set of performance reporting principles for the digital age.

In his previous job at the federal Treasury Board Secretariat, Lee played a key role in designing the performance measurement foundation for a fundamental redesign of the Government of Canada’s expenditure management system to make it more performance based.

The Policy Leadership Award is for “an individual or organization that can serve as a model to others on how to define and consider an issue, discern its components and then successfully advance the policy process.”

Carleton University’s Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs offers courses in public affairs and policy management. Arthur Kroeger was a deputy minister for six federal ministries from 1975 until 1992. He was Carleton University’s Chancellor from 1993 to 2002, following which he was named Chancellor Emeritus. He died in 2008.