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CCAF Researcher talks Performance Reporting with FMI
Thursday, 29 October 2009 20:00

chydeChris Hyde, CCAF’s Deputy Director of Research and Capacity Development, presented the results of CCAF’s latest research into public performance reporting at an October 21, 2009 professional development event in Toronto.

The full-day event, on Business Planning and Program Evaluation, was organized by the Ontario Chapter of the Financial Management Institute of Canada. It was simultaneously webcast to eight Ontario cities, where attendees were able to participate in the question and answer sessions. The featured speaker was Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page.

Chris recently led an examination of how new internet technologies could be applied to a web-based, citizen-engaged version of the Government of Alberta’s government-wide performance report, Measuring Up. As a result, CCAF developed 10 good practices for effective web-based and citizen-engaged performance reporting and applied them directly to Measuring Up, assessing the technical feasibility of each potential change.

Chris, who has examined literally hundreds of performance reports from around the globe, is now leading an initiative to update CCAF’s Nine Principles for Better Performance Reporting, which were published in 2003. The aim is to develop guidelines and principles for web-based, citizen-focused public performance reporting.

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