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International Legislative Audit Assistance Program (1980-2012)

Fellowships are available to senior auditors from Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) who have a country partnership with the CCAF International Program.

2008-2009 Fellows present their Strategy Papers at the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia


The primary area of study is Canadian audit methodologies.

A Fellowship is approximately ten months and enables a participant to witness most of the key phases (planning, executing and reporting) of an audit. The program includes:

    • A working assignment as part of an audit team at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada or at a provincial legislative audit office
    • Professional development through in-class courses, workshops, topical sessions, practicums and individual mentoring
    • Canadian historical, geographical, governmental and cultural orientation sessions

Criteria for Candidacy

Canadidates for Fellowship must be recommended by their Auditor General and undergo an interview by CCAF to assess their readiness to take on the challenges of the Program and capacity to impact change when they return home.

Strategy Papers

To ensure their studies in Canada have a strong practical focus, each Fellow is required to develop a Strategy Paper based on an objective that has been identified within their office. Upon their return home and with the support of their Auditor General and senior staff, the Fellows are expected to implement the strategy set out in their paper.

Strategy Paper Guidelines