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CCAF Pilots Level II VFM Audit Course
Thursday, 03 April 2008 20:00

Participants from six different provincial jurisdictions gave CCAF's new Performance (Value-for-Money) Audit - Level II course a test run during the initial pilot of the course in Edmonton March 18-20, 2008. And the comments and feedback received were positive.


Participants: OAG of Alberta: Audrey Hayward, Tim Jansen, Sergei Pekh, Darrell Pidner, Ram Rajoo, Ed Ryan (missing from photo), Mike Shorter, Mike Stratford; Alberta Corporate Internal Audit: Jim Van Horn; VGQ Québec: Anne Deblois; OAG of Saskatchwan: Jane Knox; OAG of British Columbia: Pam Carroll, Jean-Luc Tetreault; OAG of Manitoba: John Heke, Dallas Muir; OAG of Ontario: Ellen Tepelenas, Oksana Wasylyk; Instructor: Bill Rafuse, Rafuse Consulting & CCAF Associate; OAG of Alberta: Donna Chapman, Training & Development Coordinator; CCAF-FCVI: Nicole Wieczorek, Director of Training

Alberta Auditor General Fred Dunn, whose Office hosted the session, welcomed the group. He said it is important for Canadian jurisdictions to find common ground, through such shared experiences as training, for the practice of legislative audit.

He also noted that, through CCAF's International Legislative Audit Assistance Program for Improved Governance and Accountability, Canadian legislative auditors are sharing the knowledge they have developed over the years with colleagues in the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of developing countries.

In particular, he pointed to that program's new technical support and mentoring initiative, under which a Canadian legislative audit institution agrees to act as an ad hoc mentor institution to a participating SAI. Canadian audit offices will provide their “twin” institutions with guidance and expertise on such major issues as strategic planning, organizational structure, and human resources planning and utilization, in addition to sharing their audit practices.

In her opening remarks, CCAF Director of Training Nicole Wieczorek provided participants with an overview of recent CCAF initiatives & activities. The new Level II course joins another one – Fundamentals of Performance (Value-for-Money) Audit – that is already available. Wieczorek said CCAF is looking forward to continuing its’ work with the Canadian Council of Legislative Auditors (CCOLA) to plan additional courses. She also noted that all courses and course materials have been adapted for deliver to the internal audit community and for auditors in developing countries.

Wieczorek thanked Fred Dunn for hosting the course pilot, especially Mike Stratford who was on the advisory group for the development of the course (see list below) and Donna Chapman who, with the assistance of Jackie Di Lullo and John Margitich, helped organize the course. She also stressed the contribution of Bill Rafuse, who led the course and played a major role in course development.

A second pilot offering of the Level II course is scheduled for April 30-May 2 in Toronto, and a subsequent pilot is tentatively being planned in Atlantic Canada. Regular offerings of the course will be available for scheduling starting in the Fall of 2008.

Click here to view Performance (Value-for-Money) Audit – Level II agenda

CCAF – CCOLA Advisory Group

Francois Boisclair
Directeur du cabinet
Vérificateur général du Québec

Diane Charron
Director, Audit Operations
Office of the Auditor General of Canada

Sandra Cohen
Director, Value-for-Money Audits
Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba

Yves Denis
Spécialiste en vérification de gestion
Le Vérificateur général du Québec

Norma Glendinning
Director, Education Sector
Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia

Brigitte Harris
Manager, Training and Professional Development
Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia

Jane MacAdam
Audit Director
Office of the Auditor General of Prince Edward Island

Vince Mazzone
Office of the Auditor General of Ontario

Bill Rafuse
Rafuse Consulting & CCAF Associate
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Norm Ricard
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba

Terry Spicer
Assistant Auditor General
Office of the Auditor General of Nova Scotia

Mike Stratford
Audit Principal
Office of the Auditor General of Alberta

Nicole Wieczorek
Director of Training & CFO

CCAF would also like to thank and recognize the contributions of the following individuals:

Angèle Borys
Principal, Support Services
Office of the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan

Ed Ryan
Executive Director
Office of the Auditor General of Alberta

Doug Wylie
Assistant Auditor General
Office of the Auditor General of Alberta