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CCAF and Canadian Municipal Auditors partner to plan and hold inaugural pan-Canadian Municipal Audit Forum
Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00

CCAF is pleased to have collaborated with Canada's municipal audit community to plan and deliver a national forum held on November 3-4, 2014. The Forum brought together Auditors General and heads of audit from 16 municipalities across Canada, in addition to the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG), representing over 200 municipalities in BC.

Municipal Forum 2014

Back Row: Claude Cournoyer (Sherbrooke), Jacques Bergeron (Montréal), François Gagnon (Ville de Québec), Daniel Rancourt (Ville de Québec), Brian Whiteside (Winnipeg), Julien Raynaud (CCAF), Paul Lohnes (CCAF), David Wiun (Edmonton), Larry Munroe (Halifax), John Reed (CCAF)

Front Row: Basia Ruta (AGLG-BC), Pam Lewis (Calgary), Michèle Galipeau (Laval), Claire Caron (Terrebonne), Pierre Fréchette (CCAF), Ken Hughes (Ottawa), Beverly Romeo-Beehler (Toronto), Francine Brunette (Longueuil), Andrée Cossette (Trois-Rivières), Alain Girard (Gatineau), Tony Hui (Vancouver), Nicole Wieczorek (CCAF)

Missing from photo: Rina Zampieri (Saguenay)

Hosted by the Auditor General of the City of Ottawa, Ken Hughes, the Forum brought together participants, speakers and other guests to foster dialogue, share good practices and explore emerging challenges in auditing at the municipal level.

The agenda for the two-day forum, which was developed by the Municipal Audit Steering Committee, started with a round table update on key challenges from each jurisdiction, and addressed the following topics:

Maryantonett Flumian

Governance, Accountability and Risk Management in the Municipal Sector

Maryantonett Flumian, President, Institute on Governance

Gary Peall

Performance Audit Practices and Standards

Gary Peall, Deputy Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario

Larry Munroe

Auditing Efficiency

Larry Munroe, Auditor General, City of Halifax

Jacques Bergeron

An Overview of Municipal Audit in Québec, and update on the work of the Charbonneau Commission

Jacques Bergeron, Auditor General, City of Montreal

John Reed

Measuring and Reporting on the Value and Impact of Performance Audits

John Reed, Vice-President Performance Audit, CCAF-FCVI

Basia Ruta

An Overview of AGLG-BC Reporting Strategy and Architecture

Basia Ruta, Auditor General for Local Government, British Columbia


Effective Media Relations

Françoise Guyot, Director, External Communications, Office of the Auditor General of Canada

Municipal Audit Steering Committee:

Michèle Galipeau, Vérificatrice générale, Ville de Laval

Alain Girard, Vérificateur général, Ville de Gatineau

Ken Hughes, Auditor General, City of Ottawa

Larry Munroe, Auditor General, Halifax Regional Municipality

Julien Raynaud, Projects Officer, Performance Audit, CCAF-FCVI

Basia Ruta, Auditor General for Local Government, BC

Nicole Wieczorek, Vice-President, Operations and CFO, CCAF-FCVI

The Forum included a business dinner, where CCAF President & CEO, Paul Lohnes welcomed special guests:

Michael Ferguson – Auditor General of Canada

Auditor General of Canada, Michael Ferguson delivers remarks during dinner

  • Carmen Abela, Chair, Institute of Internal Auditors Canada
  • Councillor Rick Chiarelli, Chair, Audit Sub-Committee, City of Ottawa
  • Minata Diabor, CCAF Fellow – Ghana
  • Michael Ferguson, Auditor General of Canada
  • Yves Gauthier, Vice-President, International Program, CCAF-FCVI
  • Andrew Kellei, CCAF Fellow – Tanzania
  • Evrad Lele Tiam, CCAF Fellow – Cameroon
  • Ndyanao Mgweno, CCAF Fellow - Tanzania
Rick Chiarelli – Councilor, City of Ottawa

Councillor Rick Chiarelli, Chair, Audit Sub-Committee, City of Ottawa,
welcomes guests

Participants left the forum having a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced across the country at the municipal audit level, and, also having established contacts for continued sharing and networking.

The idea for a second national forum in 2015 received unanimous support – planning is already underway and CCAF looks forward to its continued collaboration with this community.