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CCAF Audit News Focus On: Large Procurement Projects
Thursday, 23 October 2014 00:00

Focus On

Derived from Audit News, each issue of the Focus On series of documents summarizes audit practices and findings based on an analysis of audit reports contained in the Audit News Database. While each issue examines a different topic, every issue includes:

  • A list of selected audits related to the issue topic;
  • A summary of each selected audit;
  • An analysis of the main audit areas covered as well as common findings and recommendations; and
  • Web links to full audit reports and if applicable, related guidance documents.

The Focus On series is designed to help performance auditors save time and complete audit planning and examination work more efficiently. It is also intended to assist audit offices in preparing a strategic audit plan and in maintaining ongoing knowledge of specific topic areas.

Focus On: Large Procurement ProjectsPublic sector entities spend millions if not billions on large procurement projects such as bridges, roads, schools, arenas, hospitals and more. Auditing the management and oversight of large procurement projects can play an important role in fostering better procurement practices in the public sector and in increasing accountability for the spending of very large sums of taxpayers' money.

This second edition of Audit News Focus On looks at large procurement projects, grouped under three categories:

  • Procurement of goods and services using the traditional procurement approach;
  • Procurement of goods and services using Public Private Partnerships, and;
  • Procurement processes: Oversight Mechanisms and Expertise.

For each of these categories, a summary description and examples of objectives, criteria, evidence sources, findings and recommendations are provided.

To access Audit News Focus On Series: Large Procurement Projects click here.
Focus On Efficiency

Focus On Efficiency:

The first in the series, Focus On Efficiency, looks at over twenty audit reports from around the world, each having a strong focus on efficiency. Click here to access.

Coming soon:

If you can't get enough of procurement, slides from the joint presentation by CCAF and the Ontario Internal Audit Division at the recent IIA Canada National Conference on the topic of "Auditing P3 Projects: Challenges Opportunities and Lessons Learned" will be posted to the CCAF website in November.

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