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It's Finally Here! – The One-Stop Resource on How to Audit Efficiency
Wednesday, 05 March 2014 01:00

Practice Guide to Auditing Efficiency

Governments are having to do more with less in today's economic environment and are trying to achieve and maximize efficiencies.

Practice Guide to Auditing EfficiencyCCAF has taken a fresh look at how public sector auditors can audit for efficiency in government operations. The Practice Guide to Auditing Efficiency is now available for CCAF members. The Practice Guide to Auditing Efficiency has the answers and guidance you need to plan, carry out and report performance of efficiency:

  • Find questions to ask early on;
  • Identify and address key challenges often encountered;
  • Determine the right audit focus;
  • Develop suitable audit objectives and criteria;
  • Convey their observations effectively and increase their impact;
  • Access other resourceful methodology.


CCAF Audit News Focus On Series

Audit News Focus On Series

The Audit News Focus On Series is a new performance audit information product intended to help performance auditors save time and complete audit planning and examination work more rapidly.

The Series is designed to be useful for:Audit News Focus On Efficiency

  • Auditors preparing a strategic audit plan;
  • Auditor working on the planning phase of a new performance audit;
  • Auditor managers with ongoing responsibilities for a specific topic/entity.

This first edition, Focus On Efficiency, includes efficiency related summaries and analysis of over twenty audits and is now available to CCAF members.



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