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CCAF Partnership with Tanzania Accelerates
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 20:00

Tanzania has long been a participant in CCAF's International Program, with the first of 10 Tanzanians graduating from the Fellowship program in 1983. In recent years, however, CCAF's interaction with Tanzania's accountability institutions has intensified significantly.

CCAF's International Legislative Audit Assistance Program works to improve governance in a few countries by strengthening the institutions that produce performance audits (Supreme Audit Institutions or SAIs) and those that receive the audits (parliamentary oversight committees).

In Tanzania, a concentration of effort over the past few years is beginning to produce notable results.

The core of CCAF's program is the Fellowship component. Between 2001-2002 and 2006-2007, four Tanzanian auditors received performance audit training in Canada and graduated as CCAF International Fellows. Now, with the beginnings of a critical mass of performance auditors in place in Tanzania, CCAF has augmented the Fellowship training with additional in-country capacity development activities.

Activities Stepped Up

In May 2007, CCAF led workshops aimed at strengthening parliamentary oversight and improving cooperation between the National Audit Office and parliamentary oversight committees in Tanzania. The program included a two-day workshop with National Audit Office staff, a one-day workshop with Public Accounts Committee and Local Authorities Accounts Committee members, and a one-day workshop bringing both audit office staff and committee members together.

fergusonutouhIn April 2008, CCAF was invited to participate in a training session in Tanzania for the country's three parliamentary oversight committees: the Public Accounts Committee, the Local Authorities Accounts Committee and the Publicly Owned Corporations Committee. New Brunswick Auditor General Michael Ferguson and CCAF Executive Director Michael Eastman spoke to workshop participants and representatives from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and others.

During that same visit, Michael Ferguson established a “twinning” relationship between the National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT) and the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick. While there he reviewed in detail several of the NAOT's performance audit reports, and since then he has provided ongoing advice to the NAOT.

CCAF also interviewed and selected candidates from Tanzania who will participate in the Fellowships component of CCAF's International Program over the next few years.

In April 2009, CCAF offered its Performance Audit - Level II and Auditing for Wrongdoing, Fraud and Corruption and Preliminary Forensic Auditing workshops in Tanzania, together with workshops on evidence gathering and analysis and on sampling techniques for performance audits.

And in May 2009, the Chair of CCAF's Board of Governors, Ronald Thompson, attended the annual conference of the Eastern Africa Association of Public Accounts Committees, which was hosted by Tanzania. Building on work undertaken in Canada by CCAF, Mr. Thompson spoke about the importance of PACs, the attributes of an effective PAC and the work of CCAF with PACs in Canada and internationally.

Clear Evidence of Progress

There are numerous indications that the International Legislative Audit Assistance Program is producing results for the country.

Tanzanian Controller and Auditor General Ludovick Utouh has spoken publicly about the benefits of the program. In welcoming participants to CCAF's April 2009 performance audit workshop in Tanzania, he said, “A number of staff from many SAIs all over the world have benefited from the training programs of CCAF, and through the knowledge and skills so acquired these employees have been able to make a difference in the performance of their respective SAIs.”

teu cheyo haule mugyabuso

In Tanzania, the graduate Fellows are increasingly taking on leadership roles. Gregory Teu (1993-1994) is now Assistant Auditor General, Performance Audit. Robert Cheyo (2001-2002), currently a Principal, and George Haule (2006-2007) both received promotions to team leader (Director level) after returning from Canada.

Grace Mugyabuso, graduate Fellow 2005-2006, is a senior auditor with the Performance Audit division and is working with the environment audit team. Upon returning home she completed her CPA examinations and began the executive program for her Masters

mclaughlinutouhReflecting the increasing gender responsiveness of the Office, six of the nine candidates put forward by the NAOT in 2008 for the CCAF program were women. Two Fellows (one man, one woman) will arrive in Canada in August 2009, and one (a woman) will arrive in August 2010. “We expect these people will eventually rise to leadership positions either in my office or some other government office,” Ludovick Utouh recently told CCAF.
The NAOT's performance audit division now has approximately 16 staff. It has completed its first two performance audits, and is finalizing three more, with assistance from New Brunswick.

The Office has support for its work from the Parliament of Tanzania, which passed a new Auditor General Act in July 2008. The Act increases the Auditor General's independence, provides more flexibility for hiring and salaries, and will allow for increased retention of auditors.

The NAOT and the country's parliamentary oversight committees are working closely together. For example, in January 2009 the Local Authorities Accounts Committee and the NAOT organized a workshop on “Key Public Financial Management challenges in local governments” for about 80 participants, including parliamentarians, government officials, mayors, media and development partners.

In his keynote address to the workshop, Ludovick Utouh said, “We applaud the contribution of the oversight committees of Parliament to the development of the country.” The participants demonstrated their support for the audit function by passing a resolution seeking additional resources for the NAOT at the district level.

A Regional Contribution

One aim of CCAF's international program is to encourage SAIs that are making progress to play a role in strengthening their counterparts in nearby countries. The NAOT has now progressed to the point where it can make a meaningful regional contribution.

Graduate Fellows George Haule and Robert Cheyo have been involved in institutional strengthening initiatives with the African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI-E), whose members consist of 21 English- and 2 Portuguese-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions in Africa including Tanzania. AFROSAI-E representatives have spoken highly of the contribution of CCAF Fellows to their community.

The NAOT also hosted the workshops CCAF offered in April 2009 for graduate Fellows and other auditors from AFROSAI-E countries. Participants included employees of the SAIs of Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda.

“Tanzania is an excellent example of the long term benefits that come from the International Legislative Audit Assistance Program,” according to CCAF Executive Director Michael Eastman.

“Thanks to our partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency, the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, and the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick, we are on track in helping the NAOT build a strong performance audit capacity in Tanzania - and a market for its reports in the country's parliamentary oversight committees.”

CCAF looks forward to continuing its work with Tanzania in the years ahead.